Charlotte Bailey and Bessie.

Welcome Charlotte Bailey to the SMVP Team!!


We are very excited to have this fantastic pair with us, and very happy to be along for their journey through eventing! I have been visiting Bessie for just over a year, and watching them progress in that time has been wonderful.

Charlotte and Bessie have just begun their season at Novice level after a winter off, which may have been a quiet time for Bessie, but for Charlotte and her husband it was certainly not, as they welcomed a little baby girl.

Stay tuned in on our Facebook page for updates on their progress this season, and make sure to give their page 'Bessie, Baby and Me' a follow for inspiration!


Bessie (SkyHigh Justice) have been together for four years and have progressed from BE 90 up to Novice/CIC*. 

Before welcoming their little girl to the family Charlotte was a groom and exercise rider. 

Their journey has certainly not been easy, and this pair know the meaning of hard work!


This year is set to be an exciting one with events such as Bicton, Hartpury, and Gatcombe to look forward to.

Charlotte's aim this year is to improve her dressage scores, as Bessie rides pretty 'Hot', she is having lessons with a Grand Prix Dressage rider. 

This tension is where we focus most of our Physiotherapy sessions, we aim to improve her suppleness, and reduce tension.


We will keep you updated with their progress throughout the year!