About us:

Samantha Miners Veterinary Physiotherapy is owned and run by Samantha Miners AdvCertVPhys. Sam is fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist. Trained to the highest standards through the CEPT course, accredited through Middlesex University.

Previously she also graduated Lincoln University with a BSc in Equine sport science, providing a strong foundation of knowledge  on which she developed in order to gain the AdvCertVPhys qualification. Samantha is a full member of IRVAP and the AHPR.


With a long history of working with both equines and canines Samantha can  draw on both scientific and practical knowledge to develop the most effective and efficient treatment plan.  


SM Veterinary Physiotherapy covers Dorset, Hampshire, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the South West operating from home office in South Dorset.   

SM Veterinary Physiotherapy is developing a strong relationship with local veterinary clinics, where clients can be referred directly from the Veterinary practice, or independently contact SM Veterinary Physiotherapy, where in accordance with the Veterinary act 1966, approval will be requested from your Veterinary practice.


Drawing on an advanced knowledge of muscular skeletal anatomy and bio-mechanics, SM Veterinary Physiotherapy is able to work with your animal's body and condition in order to identify the cause of the ailment.  

Sam is dedicated in developing a tailored treatment and exercise plan based on your animals individual needs, each animal is different as is each case and therefore requires a unique approach in order to achieve the best results.